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Sample & Test Results


How you can help


All specimens and samples for tests must be provided in a suitable container that we can give you along with a name and address label and instructions.

When you hand the sample in, it MUST be marked CLEARLY with your:
  • NAME - If these details are on your label – please use it. If not – write it in.
  • DATE OF THE SAMPLE - Must be written, please use CAPITALS.

Reception is not authorised to handle samples directly. Please follow reception’s instructions EXACTLY when handing in your sample/specimen.


Availability of results


Please wait at least complete week before contacting us about a result. Those involving hospital consultants can take considerably longer than other routine tests – up to 21 days. When results are in hand they can be accessed from your records between 1100 (11.00 am) and 1730 (5.30 pm) daily, provided doctor has reviewed them. However, for privacy we no longer give test results at the front desk.


Cervical Screening (Smears)


Results of cervical smears are posted to patients by the Scottish Cervical Call Recall System organisation normally within about 3 weeks of your test and...


A full, confidential family planning service is provided, normally with one of the Practice Nurses. You can also ask to see a Practice Nurse or GP about any facet of women’s health, including advice about breast examination and the menopause. A urine sample is often requested.

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