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Our Perspective – Abuse, Threats & Violence

Practice policy is that of NHS Scotland, being one of zero tolerance to verbal abuse that makes a staff member fear for their safety, or the threat of or actual physical violence. This protection applies to all staff working at Bourtreehill. Any patient who engages in such conduct will be removed from the practice patient list immediately, the police will always be involved, and our NHS colleagues will be consulted with a view to preventing any further use of other Health Centre facilities.

The practice liability to protect its staff against harassment extends to that by patients. This is behaviour towards or about any staff in any form of contact or communication that is unwanted, unreciprocated and uninvited relating to gender or gender reassignment, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, age religion or personal beliefs. The list is not exhaustive. Incidents will be investigated by the Practice Manager. Patients who engage in such activity will be required to register elsewhere and, according to severity, incidents will involve the police at the practice’s discretion.