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New Patients

The practice list is currently open to patients to register permanently or as temporary residents from Bourtreehill North and South, Broomlands, Girdle Toll, Lawthorn, Dreghorn and Perceton. To become a regular patient, or to register children or babies for whom you have responsibility, you need to complete an application form and one of our patient questionnaires in order to provide us with important information. Registrations are accepted Monday – Friday between 09.00am and 17.00pm. Please fill out the correct forms carefully. Our policy is that we require proof of identity and evidence of residence in order to register you as a regular patient.

When you register with the practice for GP services, your registration is with the practice and not with a specific doctor. You can express a preference for a particular doctor to treat you either generally or for a particular condition, and we will record that you have made that wish. We will endeavour to comply with any reasonable request, but in practical terms any of our doctors can treat you equally well for most conditions, and they will all guide you towards the best treatment available. Our information booklet and the website also contain a number of references to your rights and responsibilities. We see this as building the everyday partnership with you for the use of GP services. 

Transferring Your Records

Generally, your records will come to us via Practitioner Services in Glasgow. A detailed explanation of their handling of this process can be found at: 

Transfer of GP Health Records FAQs (